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Description of Donations from Each Hospital

In June this year, the GMISS Program conducted a regular survey amongst teaching hospitals and regional hospitals in Taiwan. To date, the survey has generated response from 19 hospitals and donors successively:Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center, Tao-Yuan General Hospital (DOH), Pingtung Christian Hospital, Hun Chun Christian Hospital, Motex Healthcare Corp., Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Chi-Shan Hospital (DOH), St. Joseph Hospital, Chung Shan Hospital, Chang Hwa Hospital (DOH), Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Puli Christian Hospital, School of Nursing National Taiwan University, En Chu Kong Hospital, Taipei Medical University Municipal Wan- Fang Hospital, and Kaohsiung Municipal Hospital ---offering to donate the following items: hospital beds, a Gyn./Obs. ultrasonic scanner, a fetal monitor, a movable sputum suction unit, a pace maker, a water bath, operating tables, SpO2 monitor, a biochemistry analyzer, surgical face masks, a developing machine, resuscitation carts, viewboxes, film cassettes, infant incubators, infant beds, timers, large intestine laparoscope, a light source, a large intestine laparoscope(infant), sterilizer, an ambulance, X-ray film copy units, ID printers, CT, beside monitors, a hemodialysis unit, Γ-flash scanner, a dveloping machine with fluid drive, a laser developing machine, movable suctions, a Obs./Gyn. Diagnostic table, incubators with microcomputer , micro-transfusion pump, mockups, electric hospital beds, fr gauge, automatic scrubbers, videoscope blades for larynx, infant inhalators, movable incubators, treatment carts, a lilo, shadowless lamps, stethoscopes(infant), marrow pins, an automatic corpuscle analyzer, a gas-in-blood analyzer, an automatic enzyme immunoassay analyzer, an automatic biochemistry analyzer.

In reaction, the GMISS has begun contacting the respective contact window at the hospitals and centers to evaluate the suitability of the devices for donation and to arrange on-site investigation and follow-up actions.

衛生福利部 Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan ROC

台灣大學 醫學工程學研究所

Institute of Biomedical Engineering
National Taiwan University