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Kiribati Expressed Gratitude for the Donations

Early this year, the Taiwan (ROC) embassy in Kiribati made a written appeal to various organizations in Taiwan, such as the National Taiwan University Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, and the Taiwan Dental Association, to supply Kiribati with medical equipment. The appeal prompted the donation of several dozen cases of items, including wheelchairs, walking aids, an X-ray viewbox, drip stands, stainless steel bedpans, and ten thousand toothbrushes. With the assistance of the GMISS Program, the X-ray viewbox collected from Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center was donated to Kiribati after a suitable converter was fitted to the equipment.

On April 12th, the embassy held a ceremony for the donation of the above-mentioned medical equipment. The Kiribati Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon. Natanaera Kirata, headed a delegation of officials to attend the ceremony, and accepted the donation on behalf of the government. In his speech, Minister Kirata expressed his heart-felt gratitude for the donations. He also stressed that Kiribati will continue its efforts in supporting Taiwan in the international community, and will widely publicize Taiwan's assistance to Kiribati through newspapers and radio broadcast.

Kiribati Tarakai(Apr.13,06), Headline:Gift from Taiwan

Kiribati RMAT(Apr.13,06), Headline: Help from the Hospitals in Taiwan to our Hospital

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衛生福利部 Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan ROC

台灣大學 醫學工程學研究所

Institute of Biomedical Engineering
National Taiwan University