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Ambulances from Hospitals Extend Love Abroad
The Pu-tze Hospital and the Ilan Hospital have been backing this program since its inception, regularly providing GMISS with well-functioning medical equipment. In late 2006, the Pu-tze Hospital donat.....(more)

Ambulances from Hospitals Extend Love Abroad (2009/10/15)
Special Thanks to Ilan Hospital and Putze Hospital for Donating Two Ambulances to Honduras and Panama
A Fruitful Trip to Dubai (2007/04/07)
GMISS's Participation in the 2007 Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition, DIHAD
Trip to Mongolia --- GMISS Puts Love into Action (2006/11/22)
Compassion blossoming far north of China --- GMISS staff partakes in medical mission to Mongolia
More Than a Donation: A Visit to Honduras (2006/09/30)
GMISS's Follow-up Investigation of Donated Instruments at San Filip Hospital
Gratitude to Wan Fan Hospital for Another Donation (2006/08/31)
Good news! GMISS receives generous donation from Wan Fang Hospital again
100 Bedframes from St. Joseph Hospital to Be Given (2006/08/31)
Gratitude to St. Joseph Hospital for generous donation of 100 bedframes
Description of Donations from Each Hospital (2006/08/09)
GMISS survey once again brings together goodwill across Taiwan in making good use of medical resources
Donation has reached Ecuadors Fundaci鏮 Mosquera (2006/06/01)
Mid-summer brings happy tidings of kind deed in late autumn: donation to Ecuador successfully accomplished
MD News Reports on the Goodwill of GMISS (2006/05/04)
GMISS program honored to receive publicity of its good deeds in the Medical Device News, Issue no. 82 May 2006
Kiribati Expressed Gratitude for the Donations (2006/05/02)
Kiribati media laud Taiwan for donations to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services
TMN Reports on the Goodwill of GMISS (2006/04/18)
GMISS program honored to receive publicity of its good deeds in Taiwan Medical News Weekly, Issue no. 3028
Exciting Event - GMISS Reported in the News! (2006/03/20)
Article in Life section of Apple Daily (Mar. 19th, 2006) entitled: Used equipment reconditioned for donations to poor countries
GMISS 1st Annual Awards Ceremony (2006/01/05)
GMISS 1st Annual Awards Ceremony and Press Conference was held on Dec. 22nd, 2005
The first press conference by GMISS (2005/12/31)
GMISS held a press conference on January 1st, 2006.
An Enduring Love Rekindled by October Survey (2005/11/01)
Deep gratitude is owed to hospitals across Taiwan for their generous donations. In October, a second round of survey was carried out by post.
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