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Hospital Beds from Taiwan Extend Love
Thanks to recent New Southbound Policy, whose mission covers sharing resources and providing healthcare, both fitting into our vision in the Global Medical Instruments Support & Service Program (GMISS.....(more)

Hospital Beds from Taiwan Extend Love (2018/12/03)
ROC Donated New Hospital Beds to Vietnam
Solomon Islands Expressed Gratitude for the Donations (2018/09/12)
Special Thanks to the Ministry of Health and Welfare and our embassy in Solomon Islands for Donating a teaching microscope
Donation of three ambulances to Haiti by the Republic of China (R.O.C Taiwan) (2018/09/12)
On August 17th, 2018, Ambassador Zheng-hao Hu of the Ambassde de la Republique de Chine (Taiwan) en Haiti donated three ambulances on behalf of the our government to the Centre Ambulancier National.
GMISS donation in Honduras (2018/01/24)
On January 24th, 2018, Ambassador Ingrid Y.W Hsing of Embajada de la Republica de China (Taiwan) en Honduras and First lady, Madam Ana Garcia de Hernandez of Honduras, together with Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Honduras, H.E Arnoldo Castillo jointly hosted the GMISS medical equipment donation ceremony.
Participation in international event, increase the visibility of the program (2018/01/02)
The International Conference for Innovation in Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences (ICIBEL) 2017 was held from December 10th to 13th, 2017 in Penang, Malaysia.
Warming the hearts in the season, GMISS donation once again in Burkina Faso (2017/11/08)
On November 6th, 2017, Ambassador Cheng-hong Shen of the Ambassade de la Republique de Chine - Taiwan au Burkina Faso and Minister Nicolas Meda of the Department of Public Health jointly hosted the GMISS medical equipment donation ceremony at the Compaore medical center.
Hand in Hand, Sharing Manual Love from Chimei to the World (2016/11/24)
Manually adjusted hospital beds donated by Chimei hospital have benefited countries in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, South Pacific Islands and many others.
Love and Care from CHGH (2015/09/11)
Thank You for Sending Over 30 Electric Adjustable Beds.
Ambulances from Hospitals Extend Love Abroad (2009/10/15)
Special Thanks to Ilan Hospital and Putze Hospital for Donating Two Ambulances to Honduras and Panama
A Fruitful Trip to Dubai (2007/04/07)
GMISS's Participation in the 2007 Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition, DIHAD
Trip to Mongolia --- GMISS Puts Love into Action (2006/11/22)
Compassion blossoming far north of China --- GMISS staff partakes in medical mission to Mongolia
More Than a Donation: A Visit to Honduras (2006/09/30)
GMISS's Follow-up Investigation of Donated Instruments at San Filip Hospital
Gratitude to Wan Fan Hospital for Another Donation (2006/08/31)
Good news! GMISS receives generous donation from Wan Fang Hospital again
100 Bedframes from St. Joseph Hospital to Be Given (2006/08/31)
Gratitude to St. Joseph Hospital for generous donation of 100 bedframes
Description of Donations from Each Hospital (2006/08/09)
GMISS survey once again brings together goodwill across Taiwan in making good use of medical resources
Donation has reached Ecuadors Fundaci鏮 Mosquera (2006/06/01)
Mid-summer brings happy tidings of kind deed in late autumn: donation to Ecuador successfully accomplished
MD News Reports on the Goodwill of GMISS (2006/05/04)
GMISS program honored to receive publicity of its good deeds in the Medical Device News, Issue no. 82 May 2006
Kiribati Expressed Gratitude for the Donations (2006/05/02)
Kiribati media laud Taiwan for donations to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services
TMN Reports on the Goodwill of GMISS (2006/04/18)
GMISS program honored to receive publicity of its good deeds in Taiwan Medical News Weekly, Issue no. 3028
Exciting Event - GMISS Reported in the News! (2006/03/20)
Article in Life section of Apple Daily (Mar. 19th, 2006) entitled: Used equipment reconditioned for donations to poor countries
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